Donor Advised Fund

Creating a Giving Program

With a National Charitable Endowment (“NCE”) Giving Program, you can create a charitable savings account, also known as a Donor Advised Fund, that allows you to simply and efficiently manage all aspects of your charitable giving, with real advantages in terms of tax planning.

Your NCE Giving Program is your personal charitable account, allowing you to:

  • Build your philanthropic legacy by contributing to the charitable organizations that matter most to you.

  • Claim the tax deduction in the year you contribute, while creating grants to charities on a time frame that works for you.

  • Grow your contributions tax-free by investing across asset classes, allowing you to give even more to the causes you care about.

Donor-Advised Funds
Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits

Important benefits and deductions on your schedule

Enjoy Immediate Tax Benefits

  • Claim your tax benefit in the same year you contribute to your NCE Giving Program

  • If you contribute appreciated stocks or other assets, you do not pay capital gains tax

Streamlined, Efficient Giving

  • No need to retain receipts from charitable organizations

  • NCE provides confirmation of each contribution to your donor-advised fund, for your tax purposes

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Work with your advisor to manage your investment program

Set investment and asset allocation goals to match your goals for giving

  • Work with your advisor to create an investment program that will help you meet your philanthropic goals.

  • Your charitable Giving Program can last for years or decades, allowing you to grow more and give more.

Maximize your giving power

  • Grow tax-free.

  • Track your progress online.

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Create your philanthropic legacy

Your NCE Giving Program helps you give more to the causes you care about

  • Give easily to as many charities as you wish by recommending grants — just tell us who, how much, and when.

  • Search for & select IRS-eligible charities.

  • Decide on the size and timing of the gift.

  • NCE handles the paperwork and sends the checks.

  • NCE tracks your charitable giving to help you see your impact over time.

  • Give now, give in the future, or create a schedule for giving.

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